It's time to capture the Marketplace!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am an end-time soldier, a prayer warrior on the 3rd watch, bearing the marks of Christ Jesus, in the Last Day Army of my God. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commanding Officer.The Holy Bible is my code of conduct.Faith, Prayer, & the Word are my weapons of warfare. I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversity, & tested by fire - I am enlisted for eternity. I am faithful, capable, & dependable.
If my God needs me, I am there. I report for duty wherever He sends me.I am not a baby - I do not need to be pampered, petted, pumped up, picked up, or pepped up. I answer to the Lord of Hosts. No one has to call me, write me, visit me, entice me, or lure me. Warrior is in my DNA. Holiness is the foundation that gives me the power and agility to stand. Holy Spirit is my constant help and instructor in the battle. The Blood of Jesus - My Redeemer is the brand I wear on my shield of Faith. I am in my set place, saluting my King, obeying His orders, praising His name & building His Kingdom. I wield my sword of Truth that frustrates all my enemies attempts to snare me into a trap or ambush. My enemies cannot hide. They run in terror at the sight of the Lord who goes before me in the heat of the battle.
No one has to send me flowers, gifts, food, cards, candy, or give me handouts. As the Lord's Ambassador, He takes care of my needs. He daily loads me with benefits. I do not need to be cuddled, cared for, or catered to. I am committed. Yahweh called me into His Army. No one can dismiss me from my assignment. Promotion comes from Him alone. Jehovah Jireh will supply the strategies for war and thevarious weapons to defeat the enemy.
JESUS is THE EXPERT in battle. I am more than a conqueror. With Christ I will always triumph.I can do all things through Christ who is my strength at all times. The Angels of God are with me to answer the call of battle. We are a winning team - a dread to our enemies who have no hope against their creator and God. Diabolical weapons cannot outsmart my God. The Creator knowsand sees all approaching and warns me in time to pursue with the kill.
Money cannot buy me.Governments cannot silence me & hell cannot handle me. I am an end-time soldier, a seasoned prayer warrior. A general in the Army of the Lord. When my Commander calls me from this battle field,He will promote me and bring me back to rule this world with Him. I am an end-time soldier, a prayer warrior who is summoned to the 3rd watch, in the Glorious Army of God. I’m marching forward claiming Christ Jesus LORD as they must all bow before Him in all of His Glory - He was my stained BANNER of VICTORY in every battle won in His Name.
I will not give up. I will not turn around. I will fight to the end that has already been recorded in the Heavens. I am a Warrior Bride who has been dressed for the final conflict and suited for this battle of the ages. I am in good company - joining beside His winning warriors worthy of battle and to celebrate our Redeemer - our King - in His Kingdom. Afterwards we will all feast with Him in His Glory with the Father and all who entered into Heaven with a mighty Voice of Triumph and a grand Hallelujah SHOUT that rings with eternal bliss! What a glorious millennium that will be! Ambassador Vanessa Ann
I have chosen this difficult place for the place of birthing, to bring forth new life in you. Here the enemy has been singing a death song over you, he does not fully understand that I resurrect life from here. I have been singing My love song over you, right at the place of birthing, coaching you forward with My Word! You will arise and shake off the covering of death and new life shall spring up.
Creativity, ingenuity, and insight will come, and the enemy shall be ashamed that he even touched you, because of this failure. I will use this as a 'pulpit', I will take what the enemy meant for your harm to minister life to all who must come the same way that you have. They would never have come to Me, except for this place of dying that you have allowed. Just as your Lord and Savior's death opened doors to new life for all that would accept and receive, you have imitated Him too. You have chosen to die, even though your feelings opposed, you let the 'old' you die so that the NEW YOU could rise from the ashes. Only when a seed dies and loses its old coat can it break forth into the new. This is the same for you. You will shake off the 'old coat' and break forth into the new! Opening the way for many to follow. You will arise and hear My love song over you, "arise, arise My beloved", and as you do I will continue singing, "shine, shine My beloved". Great grace and favor shall cover you! Even as winter season comes and snow covers the earth, you will continue experiencing a harvest.
You will walk into a clearness of revelation and understanding, causing you to know and be aware of the plots and snares of the wicked one. I have positioned you strategically for the authority you have in Me so that you can represent Me and have a profound influence in your sphere. You are prepared to run ahead of the group, so that your holy living may set the pace and goal for others to attain. I have given you a distinctiveness, to stand out, you are peculiar for a purpose! Together we will change the world, it is the set up for the last leg of the race. Run, and as you do, look right on, neither gazing around at others who are running, this will cause you to stumble and falter. As you have a fixed gaze, you will have a new anointing for this hour. The aroma and fragrance of your King intensifies, and will draw all those who desire to come to Me, yet this same fragrance will send others far away. Those who want Me will be drawn by My aroma flowing from you, those who don't will be repelled, just keep lifting Me up. Infiltrate your atmosphere with the knowledge of Me. I have been pruning and priming you for this destiny and this set time. It is far greater than what you can see and understand! Yet, I Am revealing more and more as you set yourself aside for Me. Daughters of Z - Pastor Debra Lowe
I decree and declare that dreams that have died are now being resurrected in greater and stronger details than before. Shifting and transitioning has brought you into the right position for this raining windows and open doors. I decree gates that were closed are now swinging wide. Gates and doors that were open, that should have been closed are now sealed. Your way is like a raised highway, with clear and shining light. I decree and declare fresh anointing will flow over every area that is being adjusted. Targeted prophetic words, words spoken from the Father's heart with your lips; power words that you will skillfully hit what you are aiming for in your life. I decree that this season of change will advance upon the people of God in the areana of technology, inventions and in creativity. There will be breakthroughs in wisdom and revelations into the mysteries of heaven that will greatly benefit the earth. There is a wave, a shift that will begin to flow like a great deluge of refreshing water. Look for it, call for it! Decree it over your life and your family. Families will be supernaturally restored. Walking on this highway will give you insight to all of your relationships. God is now saying to decree, "I hear the sound of rain, it is the rain of change." Pastor Debra
The Father says: INTIMACY IS WHAT I LONG FROM YOU ~ MY BELOVED. Intimacy is born from worshipping Me. Tender moments together breeds trust. Trust causes Me to share My secrets. As you come closer to Me, I desire to lavish you with more of Me. Intimate relationship brings revelations. When you worship with an intimate heart, I take the written Word that you could not understand and breathe life into it and you receive fresh bread from heaven, that lives through you. John the beloved entered into a high place because he desired more and more of Me. I brought him up higher to see and hear things whispered from being in that intimate place. He knew insights to Me, he knew Me, just as I desire you to know Me more deeply. Deep is calling unto deep, come stand under My waterfall, so that I can flow over you in intimate revelations. I am open to those who draw close to Me. The more you love Me, the more you will want to love me more. I am that good. I will take you to a high place where you are able to stand in the days of evil, you will be inaccessible to the schemes of the evil one, you will be hidden in MY LOVE. LOVE is the strongest force ever known, nothing can penetrate MY LOVE. Come away to Me. MY LOVE is your covering, worship is what true lovers do!
ALL THINGS are possible to you because I am the God of all possibilities. The Father says that authority is your natural entitlement because I live in you and My nature and character is to BE LORD over every situation. Because I AM LORD says the Father you are therefore seated in a place of authority. Use that authority at your own discretion. I trust you says the Father therefore you can trust what I have done and who I AM on the inside of you. I know nothing of compromise or half measures says the Father. Your victory over sin and death and the devil is ABSOLUTE. Make no treaty with the enemy. Do not assume if you leave HIM alone he will leave YOU alone. Do not be as the rabbit who lies still when the predator is near. Be as the lion who ROARS against every aggressor in his territory. Let every day be a day of aggressive advance against the forces of darkness that are seeking to advance on you. The enemy is unrelenting therefore YOU must be unrelenting in your implementation of warfare against the domain of darkness. When I created the heaven and the earth I wasn't on a budget says the Father. I didn't stop and consult a lender or a bank to see if I needed to cut back on my plans. When I needed something I spoke it into existence. Though you find yourself in total deprivation I would have you to know that AFFLUENCE and ABUNDANCE are your portion. You are in MY KINGDOM and MY KINGDOM in you is limitless and unbounded therefore you are limitless and unbounded. My domain says the Father is a field of all possibilities. Have I not said I will create the fruit of thy lips? Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. In MY KINGDOM you can create ANYTHING! All power is given to Me in heaven and in earth and I have conferred that ultimate authority upon you by the Blood of the Cross. RISE UP says the Father it is MY NEW DAY and it is yours to inhabit and rejoice in! Father's Heart Ministry

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's TIME we start protecting one another and standing together against all opposing forces (invisible in their works - not directed at people - but the spirits that manipulate them!). We have the authority to arrest these spirits in their tracks and make them scatter or force them into submission to the Sovereign Lord JESUS. We all must humbly submit to the Will of God with Holiness and to His Kingdom Agenda. God's original purpose for mankind is to HAVE DOMINION, TO BE FAITHFUL, TO MULTIPLY, TO REPLENISH THE EARTH, TO SUBDUE THE EARTH. Demons love to cause drama! (most people are not aware they are being used - various tactics and weapons of the enemy makes this possible)......BUT GOD is awakening His Bride and His sons (who have matured from being servants) to walk this earth with bold conviction of who they are and WHO THEY SERVE! The devil is put on notice - the times are changing and shifting in our FAVOR! God's Expeditionary Forces are on the scene - to annihilate the enemy!!! IT'S TIME!