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Sunday, May 20, 2012

ALL THINGS are possible to you because I am the God of all possibilities. The Father says that authority is your natural entitlement because I live in you and My nature and character is to BE LORD over every situation. Because I AM LORD says the Father you are therefore seated in a place of authority. Use that authority at your own discretion. I trust you says the Father therefore you can trust what I have done and who I AM on the inside of you. I know nothing of compromise or half measures says the Father. Your victory over sin and death and the devil is ABSOLUTE. Make no treaty with the enemy. Do not assume if you leave HIM alone he will leave YOU alone. Do not be as the rabbit who lies still when the predator is near. Be as the lion who ROARS against every aggressor in his territory. Let every day be a day of aggressive advance against the forces of darkness that are seeking to advance on you. The enemy is unrelenting therefore YOU must be unrelenting in your implementation of warfare against the domain of darkness. When I created the heaven and the earth I wasn't on a budget says the Father. I didn't stop and consult a lender or a bank to see if I needed to cut back on my plans. When I needed something I spoke it into existence. Though you find yourself in total deprivation I would have you to know that AFFLUENCE and ABUNDANCE are your portion. You are in MY KINGDOM and MY KINGDOM in you is limitless and unbounded therefore you are limitless and unbounded. My domain says the Father is a field of all possibilities. Have I not said I will create the fruit of thy lips? Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. In MY KINGDOM you can create ANYTHING! All power is given to Me in heaven and in earth and I have conferred that ultimate authority upon you by the Blood of the Cross. RISE UP says the Father it is MY NEW DAY and it is yours to inhabit and rejoice in! Father's Heart Ministry

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