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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have chosen this difficult place for the place of birthing, to bring forth new life in you. Here the enemy has been singing a death song over you, he does not fully understand that I resurrect life from here. I have been singing My love song over you, right at the place of birthing, coaching you forward with My Word! You will arise and shake off the covering of death and new life shall spring up.
Creativity, ingenuity, and insight will come, and the enemy shall be ashamed that he even touched you, because of this failure. I will use this as a 'pulpit', I will take what the enemy meant for your harm to minister life to all who must come the same way that you have. They would never have come to Me, except for this place of dying that you have allowed. Just as your Lord and Savior's death opened doors to new life for all that would accept and receive, you have imitated Him too. You have chosen to die, even though your feelings opposed, you let the 'old' you die so that the NEW YOU could rise from the ashes. Only when a seed dies and loses its old coat can it break forth into the new. This is the same for you. You will shake off the 'old coat' and break forth into the new! Opening the way for many to follow. You will arise and hear My love song over you, "arise, arise My beloved", and as you do I will continue singing, "shine, shine My beloved". Great grace and favor shall cover you! Even as winter season comes and snow covers the earth, you will continue experiencing a harvest.
You will walk into a clearness of revelation and understanding, causing you to know and be aware of the plots and snares of the wicked one. I have positioned you strategically for the authority you have in Me so that you can represent Me and have a profound influence in your sphere. You are prepared to run ahead of the group, so that your holy living may set the pace and goal for others to attain. I have given you a distinctiveness, to stand out, you are peculiar for a purpose! Together we will change the world, it is the set up for the last leg of the race. Run, and as you do, look right on, neither gazing around at others who are running, this will cause you to stumble and falter. As you have a fixed gaze, you will have a new anointing for this hour. The aroma and fragrance of your King intensifies, and will draw all those who desire to come to Me, yet this same fragrance will send others far away. Those who want Me will be drawn by My aroma flowing from you, those who don't will be repelled, just keep lifting Me up. Infiltrate your atmosphere with the knowledge of Me. I have been pruning and priming you for this destiny and this set time. It is far greater than what you can see and understand! Yet, I Am revealing more and more as you set yourself aside for Me. Daughters of Z - Pastor Debra Lowe

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