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Friday, May 21, 2010

JOURNALING MY THOUGHTS: I ponder the goodness of God! How He loves me in everlasting Spirit with a true and compassionate love! His love is greater than my life! May I continue to know that without a doubt - He cares for my soul, my health & my well being. There is no question about God's love towards me. He is a compelling pursuing loving and doting Father in every way! He gives me careful direction, a promise for a brighter future, giving me instructions for my good and blessed forthcoming increasingly grand lifestyle with signs and wonders of His Kingdom Glory - I am able to exhort His Name in all the earth. How could I figure this day? With God (indeed) all things are possible to those that dare believe. Certainly, I know nothing of the promise land accept I walk in Faith abiding with the Presence of God - seeing me through each moment of each day. I cannot go without His Presence! What is the meaning of life without the Breath of Life? I will need Him more each given day. I am more afraid of staying where I am (not) today rather than moving forward with radical Faith towards a called-out destiny with my name on it. My life will leave an impression on mankind, an indelible mark that cannot be erased, one that God equipped me to perform. This predestined moment has come for me - I was born for this day. Many details unfold as I walk knowing that He is skillful to fashion me for the coming revelation of who I was made to be. My knowing is a REST in God, a Peace beyond my control. I will yield to His unveiling me to the world and walk in the discovery of my divine destiny. I walk with blind trust in His ability to grace me with every poise for the Now and Then - as it comes. My mistakes, my failures, my inabilities, my worries, my inhibitions do not factor into THIS day! I am free from the weights of "me!" God is my propellor, He is my motor, He is the tracks in which I ride on the railcar as a passenger to my destiny. He is the magnet that pulls me through every opposition, nothing is qualified to stop God! I know that He will make this all happen for His Glory and to release what was planted in me for this hour. I am not the only one in this position - there are many that were preserved and have been granted with forward Kingdom-style advancement, the pace & acceleration is done with the Right Hand of God Himself - moving them to their divine outcome, their end resolve in God's plan. These warriors are not moving without purpose, there are no unintentional movements with God! All workings are His own involvement of the last day war for His children and the souls of men. This is not business - this is personal! He loves mankind and will prevail with many wandering, wounded, & cast away souls. His GLORY will fill the earth like never before. His Shekinah Glory will lead the way to the grand finale and bring many souls in the valley of decision to His Loving Bosom. How can we forsake if we are not able to be drawn away? He is moving upon men, women, children - available vessels for His own sake! He must receive the glory and the story belongs to His Wisdom alone. We are not able to figure out His Ways nor His plan. Only when you are in communion with Him will you know His next step in the race to the end of the old and the beginning of the eternal new! Awesome is our God - imperial is His way! I am royally grateful that this chapter of my life has already been written, as I write, these pages have been pre- recorded, before I was - I AM spoke this day into existence! I stagger not at the AWE of this day - I must simply respond to His call and His chosen way. I love you Lord my Father, my God, the everlasting truest lover of my very tender soul. Vanessa Anne Gray God's Ambassador to the Nations May 21, 2010 2:06 PM

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