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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The CHURCH is unknowingly filled with "planted" workers of darkness - it's hard to tell the difference between the church and the world - THERE SHOULD BE A BOLD DIFFERENCE - Pastors allowing the world and their false hopes in riches lead the church???
GOD IS INDEED SHAKING THE LAND ----THE CHURCH AS IT IS --- IS NOT STRONG ------- THE EVIL THAT HAS SPREAD ACROSS OUR NATION AND MANY OTHER NATIONS ----BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF MANNING THE GATES FOR JESUS!!!----Lazy sleeping carnal believers fill the churches every week. Christians that do not pray!!! GOD HELP THEM! They - believers - do not read the Word of God for themselves! Do not spend time in God's Presence for fresh Word and Divine Revelation! Leaders more concerned about their reputation than the ministry that the Lord has called them to do!!!

God uses leaders for many reasons ---- to reveal His true purpose!! IT IS TIME FOR CHRISTIANS TO TAKE A STAND -- BUT THEY MUST LIVE THE STANDARD OF GOD FIRST!!! ----WE ARE SO STUCK IN DIFFERENT DIVISIONS -----SEPARATED IN MINISTRIES -- THE WHITE MOVEMENT --- THE BLACK MOVEMENT --- THE NATION MOVEMENT ----God will bring us together more and more without the great divide!!!! THIS WILL PARALYZE SATAN AND HIS ANCIENT SYSTEMS he is using against the world----God's creation-----we are warring against principalities, spirits of wickedness that needs to be shaken from the corners of the earth----witches and sorcerers that gladly march in concert for satan-----YET GOD IS BUILDING HIS ARMY-----The Lord has been training me to see His Plan for me-----everyone has a strategic walk they must obey for the Lord-----WE MUST BE OPEN TO THE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE and not just what we can see in our limited "view of things"!!!

When I visited Las Vegas the Lord showed me (vision) the satanic kings in the land-----there were many!!! These spirits were large dark (muscular build) and sitting on thrones ---with their proud looks----they displayed crowns on their heads. JESUS explained that they won those crowns after they have successfully gained territories with bloodthirstiness, perversion, violence, racism, hate, idolatry etc. Once these territories show a dominance in these areas ----Satan rewards these spirits! I saw them all over the state ----over the cities, counties, villages, towns, neighborhoods--they all had demons on the thrones in the second heavens!!! They were massive spirits and very powerful dark figures. THE LORD TOLD ME TO GET 50 NOBLE HOLY PRAYER WARRIORS THAT WILL PRAY UNTIL WE ACHIEVED OUR GOAL (die hard gifted intercessors). I called the Pastors in the area and they sent me their best warriors! They came in on buses and occupied 5 of the the best hotels with the most dark activity -----we all took turns (shifts) and prayed 24/7! We were violently praying against these domains and declared the land and territories belonged to the Lord Jesus and must be handed back over to Him!! WE SPOKE WITH AUTHORITY IN OBEDIENCE TO THE LORD - After only 2 WEEKS - I saw the demons sitting on those thrones fall sideways into a pit - as though they were on a conveyor belt! They were helpless and had no power to stand against us! THEY WERE ALL GONE! I ASKED THE HOLY SPIRIT WHAT HAPPENED - I WAS TOLD THAT WE HAD CONQUERED THE HOTELS FOR GOD.


I did not tell the intercessors to stop praying until the 5th week! THE ENTIRE CITY WAS DEDICATED BACK TO GOD!!

------The Lord needs us (believers) who actually --- KNOW the bible ----and the times and seasons of the Lord ----to take back occupied territories from the enemy who has a stronghold on them. This will take dynamic teamwork operations with strategic warfare engagement! A UNITY built on LOVE and not performance! Once the altars that satan has set up are destroyed and we deal with the witches and sorcerers who keep them ----we will see a difference in the people who are controlled by these evil powers ----they are helpless against them. The churches are also infected, infiltrated with satan's helpers!!!! We can't make a viable difference with the world UNTIL WE HAVE BECOME OURSELVES CONSECRATED FOR THE LORD'S SERVICE ----THE BODY OF JESUS is being shakened to awakened to what happens when we sit idly by - more concerned about our high tag living and public images which were afforded ---- by using the Name of Christ!!! NONE OF THEM HAVE BLOOD THAT REDEEMS MANKIND NOR A KINGDOM FOR SOULS TO DWELL IN ALL ETERNITY----GOD HELP THESE LEADERS!!!! They are facing a judgement with no mercy for their rebellion!!!

Vanessa Anne Gray

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